Calpine Marketplace Sept 7




The Calpine Improvement Association is delighted to be sponsoring their 3RD ANNUAL CALPINE MARKETPLACE on Saturday, September 7, 2013

In addition to a variety of vendors including arts/crafts; fine jewelry; contemporary artwork; fine wood work; fresh produce and home sewn wearables, there will also be a Barb Q, a Beer and Wine Garden and Live Music! Due to last years success, a bigger mini CLASSIC CAR ‘Show & Shine’ will be in force!  FUN and GAMES for CHILDREN will also be a part of the festivities!

The Calpine Improvement Association proudly raises funds for their Community Scholarship and for the beautification of the Calpine Community Park and Community Center for all to enjoy.

The CALPINE MARKETPLACE will open at 10:00a.m and close at 4:00pm.    Come and join us!    Calpine is located off Hi way 89 between Hi way 49 and Hi way 70..and only 40 minutes from Truckee!  A few vendor booths available along with a couple of spaces for Classic Cars.   

Need more information? – call Paula at 530-994-3610.

Probation Officers Are Concerned 8/7/13

Chief Probation Officers of California Issues Statement on
U.S. Supreme Court’s Denial of Requested Stay on Prisoner Release

“Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) are very disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s failure to grant the requested stay in the Three-Judge Court’s June 20th order.  CPOC is concerned about what this decision could mean for public safety in our communities.  It is unfortunate that the court did not recognize the historic effort on the part of the entire criminal justice system.  Probation has stepped up in every county to ensure we address the overcrowding at the state level with the safety of our communities in mind.  Meeting an arbitrary number simply exacerbates the pressure experienced in the system during this change.  We continue to work with the Governor on ways to meet the court’s order while mitigating any impact on public safety.”

Support Doc Kellermann 8/7/13

By Mary Johnsen
DOWNIEVILLE- Those of us who live and drive about the town of Downieville have noticed Scott Kellermann, M.D. out running, or riding his mountain bike or his motorcycle. He even rode his mountain bike up Oxford Mine Road to check on a patient up there. That just attests to the point that Dr. Kellermann is into exercise even though, or especially because, he is on the high side of fifty.
Perhaps that is why it seems most fitting that the Kellermanns, Scott and Carol, are involved in a run scheduled in Nevada City on Saturday, August 17th. Called the 3rd Annual “Kellermann’s Batwa 5 & 10K Challenge,” the Challenge actually includes a 5K walk for those who are chronologically or decrepitly challenged, as is this scribe.
Anyway, the event will generate funds to help support the Kellermann’s projects that have made a vast improvement in the welfare of the Batwa community in Uganda, Africa. The Kellermann’s coexisted there with both the pygmies and gorillas while initiating clean water and health efforts and now there is a hospital serving the area people. It is an amazing story that can be seen at and Such a read might inspire even the infirm to get out on the 17th to assist as the projects make such a positive difference in many lives.
So, registration starts at 0700 at the Pioneer Park concert stage area, 421 Nimrod Street, Nevada City, and the race starts at 0800. Registration forms may be obtained at The stamp of the 49er Rotary is on the event flier which also states “Proud to be part of the Nevada County Grand Prix series!”
It is the contention of this scribe that Sierra County, at least all those who have been treated by Dr. Kellermann at the Western Sierra Medical Clinic in Downieville, might venture down south to participate in this worthwhile event even if we don’t have a Grand Prix series up here. At least we are apt to have the same Dr. Kellermann here on many weekends taking care of us, and fishing too.

Scream For Ice Cream August 24


“I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAM!”  It’s that time of year when homemade ice cream just hits the spot. Cold, cool and delicious on a hot, hot day!  Please join Naomi Parlor #36 for their annual Ice Cream Social on Saturday, August 24th from noon until 2 pm.  The competition will be fierce so we need everyone to taste, taste, taste and then cast your ballot for your favorite homemade ice cream.  There will also be many varieties of homemade cookies to cleanse your pallet in between tastings.  And, of course, a raffle will be conducted throughout the festivities.  We ask for a $5 participation fee with all proceeds going to our Building Fund.  Please join in the fun and help us raise money for our unique and historical building.

Mountain Messenger 8/7/13

The Mountain Messenger is California’s Oldest Weekly newspaper. One of the ways you know it is old is because their computer equipment is old, the newspaper racks are old, and supposedly Milly is still paid the going rate in 1975 and Don Russell the Editor often forgets where he is or why he is there. The most important thing you need to take from this message is ….. subscribe to the Messenger, buy an ad, for heaven sakes do something before Jeff Bezos decides to buy the paper out from under us. We are fairly certain Jeff would never give Milly a raise. (If you talk to Milly, call her Jill, as she doesn’t want anyone to know she has such an old-fashioned name.)

Thinking he is on the front porch and forgetting that he quit smoking months ago, Don Russell searches for a cigar in the midst of the Sierra County Board Meeting....

8/7/13 Thinking he is on the front porch and forgetting that he quit smoking months ago, Don Russell searches for a cigar in the midst of the Sierra County Board Meeting….

Send anything you need published to Milly at  Of course you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Milly) or the machine. Keep jobs in Sierra County read the Mess.

For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Tell Don, you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

Sexism is Rampant 8/7/13

Sexism and Consumerism: Parents, Beware!

By Laura Finley, Ph.D.

Laura Finley

Laura Finley

I have written previously about the atrocious consumer products that some companies insist on producing. From “ghettopoly,” a monopoly-style game featuring ridiculously offensive stereotypical black characters (a pimp, ho, gun, and marijuana leaf, for instance) to Legos designed specifically (read: only) for boys or girls, some corporations seem to have zero social conscience when it comes to the groups they will exploit to make a sale.  Sexism in particular is rampant, and these sexist products have increasingly been marketed to young children.

Most recently, the Children’s Place, a seemingly wholesome company that provides clothing for kids, pulled some t-shirts after customers complained about the way they reinforced negative stereotypes about women and girls. One shirt for girls read “Born to wear diamonds” while another showed a list of “My best subjects” that included boys, shopping and dancing. Of course, math remained unchecked.

Before this most recent controversy, JC Penney pulled sexist t-shirts that read “Too pretty to do homework” while Gymboree, another supposedly family-friendly company featured shirts for girls saying “Pretty like mommy” while shirts for boys read “Smart like daddy.”  Disney has made shirts for boys that say “Be a hero,” while the comparable shirt for girls says “I need a hero.”

While these examples are repulsive because they are marketed to young girls, shirts marketed to older demographics are even more disgusting. A quick google search revealed shirts reading “Allergic to Algebra” (sold at the popular teen store Forever 21), “Too pretty to do math,” and “Gold digging” (replete with a symbol much like the Nike swoosh).  On the more risqué side, there’s “Never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die.” Then there’s the classy “Don’t be sexist, Bitches hate that.” Amazingly, someone even thought to market a onesie for baby girls with faux black-tassled pasties.

Another genre of t-shirt stupidity features pro-rape and abuse messages. One shirt shows a checklist of reasons why he is “sorry,” including “you provoked me” and “I was drunk.”  Topman released a shirt in 2011 that reads, “Why do I abuse you? Let me count the ways” with the same list of “reasons.” In May 2013, Amazon removed from sale t-shirts that read “Keep calm and rape a lot.”

Wow. Just writing this makes me sick. As a sociologist, I am keenly aware of the many ways we are all impacted by media and marketing. As the mother of a ten-year-old girl, I can’t believe any company would be so depraved as to think these products were their pathway to success. Reviewing them triggers my gag reflex.

So, what do we do? That’s easy, really. While we cannot stop someone from making and marketing these products, we can refuse to buy them. Although boycotts are not always the best way to eradicate social injustices, they surely are effective for this type of change. Parents must refuse to buy these shirts for their kids. And, in doing so, they must explain to their children—and the store manager, if you are feeling professorial—precisely why the messages are so problematic. What began as yet another example of irresponsible corporate activity can result in a teachable moment that might resonate for a lifetime.

Laura Finley, Ph.D., teaches in the Barry University Department of Sociology & Criminology and is syndicated by PeaceVoice.


Bags for ARF 8/7/13

The Sierra County Animal Relief Fund would like to invite everyone to participate in our ChicoBag fundraiser.  ChicoBag has a wide variety of reusable bags such as travel bags, messenger bags, duffel bags, produce bags and more.  Orders are taken online through the companies website,  When checking out, use the coupon code SCARF36 and ARF will receive 50% of the proceeds.  Orders are being accepted through Tuesday, August 13th.  Check out the wide variety that ChicoBag has to offer and support the Animal Relief Fund.  All proceeds go to helping county residents with spaying and neutering their pets, paying for healthcare and emergency pet food.

Every year, one single shopper will use 500 bags.  With ChicoBag’s compact design, these bags are easy to carry around and hard to forget.  Great for grocery shopping, and eco friendly, ARF CEO Rachel Guffin has been a member since they first started selling in 2005, “Little did I know, I bought a ChicoBag at Farmers Market in Chico, the first year they was for sale in 2005.  I still have that first bag and use it for grocery shopping.  The products have really expanded since the first original Chico Bag was sold.  I’m excited to be able to recommend this company to my friends and family and know that they will love the products as much as I do.”

ChicoBag is a company out of Chico, Ca, whose simple mission is “to help humanity kick the single-use bag habit.”  Their dedication to recycling and repurposing, along with their stellar products, is the reason we picked the ChicoBag company as our next fundraiser.  Besides being a member of the Fair Labor Association, ChicoBag made the list of 10 Green Companies inCalifornia’s Adventure Sport Journal.
For more information, contact Rachel Guffin at 289-2720

Carrie’s Corner 8/7/13

Carrie’s Corner
By: Carrie A. Blakley
Now that the races are over with, and the weather is on its way to cooling down (perhaps), it’s a good time to start thinking like a squirrel. I’m not going to use the dreaded ‘W’ word, but I’m sure our dear readers know exactly the word I’m referring to. With many of the summer blooming plants getting ready for the colder months, cultivating seeds for next year’s garden should be done as soon as those seeds are ready. Wood should get stacked and stored in a dry location, ready to use during the colder months. Make sure to get any, and all, chimneys cleaned out thoroughly, as well as cleaning out the insides of any wood, or trash, burning stoves you have. Start getting the BBQ grills cleaned up and ready for ‘W’ use, as well as making sure all of your garden hoses can be coiled up and brought inside when needed.
Above all, start planning to stock up on dry storage foods, frozen soup stocks, and start preparing canned and jarred items. Make sure that, if you have pets, that you have extra pet care supplies as well. We all know what can happen with the first frost (yes, I said the ‘F’ word), which can not only make roads hazardous to drive on, but can also be an abrupt reminder that we live in an area that is not too kind for cold-weather travel. Speaking of travel, you’ll also want to start preparing your vehicle for those colder months as well. Make sure to keep a small back of clay cat litter and an extra throw blanket in the trunk, just in case.
Finally, while you enjoy the rest of the warmer weeks ahead, bear in mind that up this way, it’s far better to take an extra step towards safety, than it is to take an accidental step towards regret and hind sight. As I talk to many people in town, quite a few have asked me if I’ve started to prepare for the ‘W’ months. My answer is always: “Yes”. In fact, in my case, there’s not too many weeks during the entire year that I’m not actually planning and contemplating for the colder months. One reason….up here, that time frame can last anywhere between 5, and 8 months. Or, you can just ask any one of the ‘old-timers’ in the area, how many times we’ve had a mild splash of flurries….in early June.

150 Year Anniversary for Harmony Lodge #164

Sierra City Harmony Masonic Lodge #164 celebrates 150 years. A luncheon was held at Big Springs Gardens with several Grand Lodge Officers attending. The Deputy Grandmaster, John L. Cooper, presented the Lodge with a 150 year award.
 Harmony Lodge #164 is one of the very few Lunar Lodges that exist today. We meet on the first Thursday after the full moon. You might wonder why, well, the Gold miners that were Masons needed the light of the moon to walk the trails to Sierra City to go to lodge and we have kept this tradition alive for over 150 years.
Harmony Lodge #164 sincerely appreciates the efforts of the Grand Lodge Officers to take time from their busy schedules to travel to Sierra City for their presentation.
JPG #580 From left to right Worshipful Deputy Grandmaster John L. Cooper - Grand Lodge State of California and Frank A. Edwards - Master of Harmony #164 Sierra City.

From left to right Worshipful Deputy Grandmaster John L. Cooper – Grand Lodge State of California and Frank A. Edwards – Master of Harmony #164 Sierra City.


From left to right bottom row John R. Chilcote, Inspector 230th Masonic District , Charles K. Smith,Jr. Warden, Harmony #164 Charles McCarty, Harmony #164, Michael P. Galan, Senior Deacon, Harmony #164                  From left to right top row    Bruce R. Galloway, Assistant Grand Lecturer Div II, Laverne Diltz, Jr. Deacon Harmony #164, John L. Cooper III, Deputy Grand Master, Frank A. Edwards, Master Harmony #164, Mike Koettel, Senior Warden, Harmony #164, David Perry, Jr. Grand Deacon, Michael Stern, Jr. Grand Deacon, Jerry Brzyscz, Secretary, Harmony #164

From left to right bottom row John R. Chilcote, Inspector 230th Masonic District , Charles K. Smith,Jr. Warden, Harmony #164 Charles McCarty, Harmony #164, Michael P. Galan, Senior Deacon, Harmony #164
From left to right top row Bruce R. Galloway, Assistant Grand Lecturer Div II, Laverne Diltz, Jr. Deacon Harmony #164, John L. Cooper III, Deputy Grand Master, Frank A. Edwards, Master Harmony #164, Mike Koettel, Senior Warden, Harmony #164, David Perry, Jr. Grand Deacon, Michael Stern, Jr. Grand Deacon, Jerry Brzyscz, Secretary, Harmony #164


Tom’s Book Now on Amazon 9/4/13

Now available on Amazon

Tom bookcover

A book written by Downieville resident Tom Schumann.

1. The world of “things” (rocks, moving planets, telephone poles, cats, atoms, etc.)

2. The world of conscious experience ( seeing a rock, hearing music, feeling anger,      joy, thinking abstract thoughts, etc.)

Are these worlds connected? If so, how are they connected?

Read the book “Reality and consciousness: the Metabrain and the Quantum”

Available now in Paperback and on Kindle  at

Reality and Consciousness

Release in old fashioned print in September 

Plumas National Forest Road Use 8/7/13

Plumas NF continues to seek comments on road use

Quincy, CA – The Plumas National Forest is continuing to solicit feedback on its current motorized travel management planning effort (subpart A) involving national forest system (NFS) roads that may no longer be needed and/or are posing a risk to a natural or cultural resource. This is the second round of public workshop; the first were held in June. “The chief of the Forest Service has directed all national forests and grasslands to identify a road system that provides safe and efficient access for recreation and resource management, while protecting our country’s natural and cultural resources,” said Earl Ford, Plumas National Forest Supervisor.
According to Ford, unlike an earlier travel management planning effort, no decisions are being made now. “We are compiling information we will consider in our future planning and project level decisions.” The PNF has an extensive network of about 4,000 miles of low volume (low traffic) roads to maintain. “Balancing this obligation with decreased funding and increasing demands from users is a huge challenge,” noted Ford.
The current effort, Subpart A of the 2005 Travel Management Rule, focuses on identifying NFS roads that may be unneeded or pose a risk to other resources while an earlier effort, Subpart B, focused on unauthorized routes that needed to be identified as motorized trails and added to the system. Subpart B also required motorists to stay on authorized roads and trails, prohibiting cross-country travel.

“We are building on our 2003 roads analysis that was focused on roads suitable for passenger cars and adding information on roads with lower maintenance standards, such as those primarily used by high clearance vehicles,” said Ford. He noted motorized trails and unauthorized routes analyzed in Subpart B are not part of this process. The travel analysis report must be completed by the end of fiscal year (FY) 2015. Not having a map and report completed may negatively impact the road operations and maintenance funds available for the PNF.

People may share feedback about roads that may or may not be needed via the forest website at . Written feedback may be mailed to: TM-Subpart A, Plumas National Forest, P. O. Box 11500, Quincy, CA 95971. While updating the roads database is an ongoing process, feedback for this report would be most helpful if received by September 30, 2013. Because no decisions are being made now, people may wait to share information when the roads in question are analyzed in specific projects or do both.

Dates for the workshops include:
Blairsden Monday, August 12 5-7pm Beckwourth Ranger District Office
23 Mohawk Highway Road
Blairsden, CA
Oroville Tuesday, August 13 5-7pm Feather River Ranger District Office
875 Mitchell Avenue
Oroville, CA
Quincy Wednesday, August 14 5-7pm Mt. Hough Ranger District Office
39696 Highway 70
Quincy, CA
An updated map will be available for review in the fall. The accompanying report will be written and reviewed over the winter and spring with a final report due to the Forest Service Regional Office (R5) in early summer 2014.
For more information on the overall effort, contact Terri Simon Jackson, PNF Planning Staff Officer at 530-283-7820.

War or Mankind? 8/7/13

Hiroshima’s Legacy – The Obsolescence of War

By Robert Dodge

Robert Dodge

Robert Dodge

Our world changed forever 68 years ago this week. Tuesday marks the day that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, followed by the bombing of Nagasaki three days later. The repercussions and lessons of these bombings at the end of WWII that resulted in the deaths of more than 200,000 people in the months that followed are still being realized today. Most significantly, these events marked the end of war as a legitimate means of resolving conflict as man now controlled the fate of humankind and the planet itself. War had become obsolete. What was now needed was a new way of thinking. War was the old way of thinking. This was and is the new reality.

Einstein and the early adopters realized this early on. Einstein famously said, “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.” He recognized that we must change our thinking or face possible extinction.

President Kennedy also realized this fact and probably said it most presciently when he said to the UN General Assembly in 1961, “Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.”

Yet we still have approximately 20,000 nuclear weapons in the world today with >95 percent in the arsenals of the U.S. and Russia. The human and financial costs of these programs are real and devastating. The U.S. alone has spent in excess of $5.5 trillion on nuclear weapons programs since 1940 and continues to spend in excess of $54 billion annually. Such expenditures rob our future of so much and provide nothing in return except unacceptable risk.

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the devastating humanitarian effects of even small limited nuclear war with catastrophic climate changes resulting in global famine.

There is no adequate response or recovery from these types of attacks. Prevention is the only response. There is no safe number of nuclear weapons. A complete ban and elimination of these weapons is the only sane response. The framework and steps to realize this have already been worked out.  A majority of people around the world in poll after poll agree that abolition is the goal. What is needed is the political will.

Although there remains a shrinking group who feel that nuclear weapons and war play a role in resolving conflict. They cannot imagine a world without the institution of war. They are incorrect in their thinking just as those in the past who felt that slavery and apartheid would always be with us—and woman’s suffrage would never happen.

Today the idea of war prevention and resolving conflict without war has moved to the mainstream as people, faith communities, organizations and civil societies take up the cause. Even Rotary International is taking on the cause in their Rotary Action Group for Peace and War Prevention Initiative. (

Yes, ultimately war will end or mankind will end. The choice is ours. We have the tools and we have the means. We must persevere and work together until this challenge is met. The Hibakusha—survivors of the atomic bombings—remind us daily of the responsibility each of us has to work for the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons and war. We owe this to their legacy and to the future of our children.

Robert F. Dodge, M.D., serves on the boards of the Nuclear Age Peace FoundationBeyond WarPhysicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles, and Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, and writes for PeaceVoice.


Jerusha 8/7/13

Volume 5 #267

Dear JerushaJerushaboys
I am so excited that NFL football is back next week! I’m a huge SF 49er fan and make sure I watch all the games, including preseason games. Most of my friends understand that, but some don’t understand that I’m not available during Niner games. They can join me and watch too, but that’s what I’ll be doing. Do you see anything wrong with this?
Huge Niner Fan,
Bonnie, Los Gatos, CA
PS – Go Niners!!!! Also, I hear you’re really good at setting up dates for your readers. Could you find me a Niner fan to date? He can’t be a Raider’s fan, he must love the Niners. He also can’t like the Cowboys. Thank you.
Dear Huge Niner Fan Bonnie:
It is difficult for me to understand why you are a Niner Fan, in fact I looked up Niner and can not find a team by that name. Oh, I just looked back and see you said SF 49er at the beginning, now I understand. Although I don’t understand your obsession with this team, as far as I am concerned there is no better team than the Brooklyn Dodgers. They are # 1 in my book.
Where did you hear I am good at setting up dates, please tell me, as this is constant source of irritation to me. No matter how many times I tell people this is not a dating site, they continue to ask. If this was a dating site, I certainly wouldn’t be worried about whether my male readers are single as I would not be single myself. So if I inquire about someone’s availability it would be strictly self interest, not for someone looking for a “date”. So if you could tell me who is passing out this nefarious information it might help me.  I will say if you are “huge” you might want to think about Weight Watchers or some other program to help.
Sincerely, Jerusha
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